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Regular vacuuming and stain-removal products can help, but they simply can’t match the cleaning power of professional carpet cleaning. From deep carpet treatments to tile and upholstery cleaning we want to be there to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dry times are affected by humidity, temperature, and air flow. Generally, 2-4 hours is expected for carpets and 10-20 minutes for hard surfaces. Our standard service includes the use of speed dry fans after areas are cleaned.
Do not be surprised when we have main areas dry before we are finished. In some cases, certain conditions will slow down evaporation and 8-24 hours is needed. Please contact us if moisture is present after 24 hours. Caution: wet floors can lead to falls and possible injury. Beware when you walk off damp carpet onto tile or hardwood. Slips and falls can occur.
Need your carpets dry faster? We offer Encapsulation Cleaning. Mainly used in commercial environments, Low Moisture Cleaning, also known as Encapsulation, has become increasingly popular with recent advances. Dry times typically range from 10-20 minutes.
  1. Please remove valuables and small items from areas to be serviced. You may vacuum if you would like, but we suggest allowing us to do it for you.
  2. Make this experience less stressful for your pets. Consider keeping them in a separate area during service. We are animal lovers and look forward to meeting your pets.
  3. Have an outside water source available if possible. If necessary we can use an indoor source.

We will move sofas, tables, chairs, and small furniture. After replacing furniture we may place protective blocks or plastic tabs under the feet. Please do not remove till floor is completely dry.  We respect your space and belongings and take extra precautions to avoid mishaps.

We will not move a piece of furniture if it cannot be safely moved. This includes beds, dressers, large cabinets, and electronics. If in the future, furniture is rotated, we can return and clean the exposed unclean area at no extra charge.

We spend an average of  20 minutes per area with our standard service. Advanced stain and odor removal will require additional time and could require us to return the following day to complete treatments depending on the severity.

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